A team that makes client success its top priority!

EB Equipment designs, manufactures and integrates oversize automated material handling and packaging solutions. Their expertise allows them to develop exclusive equipment and unique systems based on the client’s needs.

With a team composed of specialized workers and engineers, overall, with 20 years of experience in the automation and digital control sector, EB Equipment has created equipment and systems that responds to the needs across all industries by allowing them to automate tasks, du to manual labor shortage.

Their biggest strength is being able to analyse an industrial production line and is driven by the continual motivation for developing customize and high-performance equipment.

Our mission

To understand your needs and offer automated material handling and packaging solutions that corresponds to your industrial needs.

Our mission: understanding the client’s industrial needs and guide them in implementing the most efficient material handling and packaging solutions. Our goal is to increase your production by automating processes.


Our values

At EB Equipment, the human aspect, the thirst for knowledge, understanding and the challenges brought to us is the essence of our achievements. Sharing common values is crucial to the company’s success.

  • Team work : inevitable for success
  • Customer satisfaction : our priority
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Innovation and optimization : our passion

Custom solutions

EB Equipment is a leader in oversized packaging solutions and automated material handling solutions, no matter the industry.

Let our team of experts evaluate your project in order to implement solutions that meet your needs for your product realities and availability of space.


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